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Anta KT Splash 4.0 “April Fool's Day”

Anta KT Splash 4.0 “April Fool's Day”

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Anta Splash 4 "April Fool's Day" is designed for basketball players who are good at shooting. The theme of April Fool's Day Carnival. The funny festival atmosphere is the tone for product color matching.

The shoe body adopts the design of the balloon ribbon, and the white main color is matched with colorful colors such as red, yellow, blue and purple, to create a holiday surprise and sense of atmosphere, which is suitable for the happy atmosphere of summer.

The midsole technology continues to maintain the 4th generation specifications of anta splash, adding nitroedge technology to the front palm, and the energy regression rate reaches 82.6%. It continues to high elasticity and gives players a stable output.

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