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Anta KT Splash 5.0 - Blue/White

Anta KT Splash 5.0 - Blue/White

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Splash 5 continues the family tradition of the Splash series with detachable strap design

The first color scheme of Splash 5 is still very "splash", very cool and very summery.
There is Anta's LOGO on the toe of Splash 5, a hole is dug in the middle of the tongue, and there is a circle of Splash 5 around it.
And the words "KT-SPLASH-V" are printed on the strap details of Splash 5.
On the outside TPU is printed "All we do is shoot threes and win championships...
On the "little tail" at the heel, "SPL ASH" is printed on one side, and the Roman numeral "V" is printed on the other side.

The midsole combination of ANTA Nitroedge Technology and A-FLASHEDGE in the forefoot.
The side walls are surrounded by a large area of TPU.
There are multiple concentric circle structures on the sole.

In terms of weight:
Left foot 41/US8 blue 366g
Left foot 41/US8 green 346g
Detachable strap 12g
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