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Anta Light Crazy 3 - Youth day

Anta Light Crazy 3 - Youth day

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May 4th is China's Youth Day. Young people are crazy, breaking through the old with fearlessness, and satisfying their nature with sincerity.

The Light Crazy 3 "Youth Day" color scheme uses oatmeal color as the main body of the shoe. The pen and ink are freely swayed, outlining the ink lines on the upper and Anta LOGO.

The heel strap is designed with Light Crazy LOGO. The irregular grid seems to pull up layers of defense, implying that the young people have shown their sharpness since then, and have become rising stars.

The midsole of the Light Crazy 3rd generation is built with ANTA nitroedge technology material, which is specially adjusted according to basketball sports, making it lighter, more elastic and more durable.

High-strength transparent mesh upper The upper is woven from high-strength yarns, light and breathable, and provides excellent wrapping and support performance for high-strength combat.

Large-area anti-torsion sheet in the midfoot A large-area TPU anti-torsion sheet is built into the midfoot to improve the stability of the shoe body.

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