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Li Ning Yushuai 14 Beng Low - Breast Cancer

Li Ning Yushuai 14 Beng Low - Breast Cancer

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As a pair of actual combat sneakers with the theme of "Breast Cancer", its color is pink, which is the representative color of the theme.

When designing this pair of Yushuai 14 Beng, in terms of shoe upper design, the design language of the previous work was changed from solid color without pattern + line, and a lot of themed color patterns were added to echo it.

The main color of the shoe body is more rose-red pink, which is officially named "Cuckoo Pink". The various "hollow" lines on the upper outline the pink ribbon exclusive logo of "Love" and "Caring for Breast Cancer".

In terms of configuration, it still uses the full palm Beng technology, mono yarn upper, and a huge carbon plate running through the front and rear palms. "Crystal outsole" was changed to "raw rubber outsole", and the anti-slip performance has also been greatly improved.

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