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Anta Klay Thompson Kt7 Low - Sunset Glow

Anta Klay Thompson Kt7 Low - Sunset Glow

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The design inspiration of Anta KT7 low version "Sunset Glow" comes from the sunset in the Bay Area where the Warriors are located. The upper part of the sneakers uses a large area of black as the basic color matching. Under the black surface color elements, you can also vaguely see color elements such as orange and purple, just like the real sunset scene.

On the front of the shoe body, there is a TPU module design covering the whole body to improve the support performance of this pair of sneakers and prevent the sneakers from turning over in actual combat. This TPU module also adopts a gradient color design of purple and orange color elements, and the overall visual effect is quite good.

On the outside of the tongue of the left and right feet, Klay Thompson's exclusive star logo and the pattern design of the Warriors are designed to show that this pair of sneakers is Thompson's signature sneaker.

For the outsole, the outsole made of rubber is supplemented by landscape pattern design, the purpose is to ensure the anti-skid performance and grip performance of the sneakers in actual combat.

The midsole adopts Anta's most mainstream nitroedge technology midsole cushioning technology, which has excellent cushioning performance.
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