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Anta Klay Thompson Kt8 - 520

Anta Klay Thompson Kt8 - 520

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After the release of Anta Shock Wave 4 Pro "520" color matching, Anta KT8 "520" color matching is now also on the shelves. "520" refers to May 20th, and the Chinese pronunciation of 520 is similar to "I love you". Therefore, Chinese young people will spend this special and romantic day like Valentine's Day.

For the upper part, a large area of pink is selected as the basic color matching of the sneakers. TPU yarn material is added to the upper, which has a flash effect. Let the shoes have a good visual recognition.

On the outside of the tongue, Klay Thompson's name is engraved to indicate that this pair of sneakers is Thompson's exclusive signature sneaker.

Midsole: full palm nitroedge technology midsole full palm special-shaped carbon plate High cushioning limit.

Outsole: water ripple rubber sole, excellent grip and wear resistance.

3D Flow shoe body frame, shoe body support, excellent stability, the main protection of the feet.

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