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CJ•McCollum x Li-Ning Sonic 9 Mid - Black/White

CJ•McCollum x Li-Ning Sonic 9 Mid - Black/White

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The midsole adopts LIGHT FOAM cushioning technology, which is light and comfortable. The rebound cushion can effectively relieve the impact force when landing, and convert it into rebound energy, push and start, showing the sharpness of both offense and defense.

The shoe body is made of breathable fabric upper, and the large area of Velcro fits comfortably, providing good support and wrapping.

The TPU at the front of the side wall of the midsole provides good lateral support, protects the foot, provides a solid boost, and calmly copes with the fierce competition on the field.

The three-dimensional heel TPU extends from the outsole to both sides of the ankle, helping to stabilize the heel and ankle, providing strong support and protection. The lightweight shoe body and the wear-resistant rubber outsole make it easy to play.

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