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Fred VanVleet x Li-Ning Sonic 11 - Blue/Red

Fred VanVleet x Li-Ning Sonic 11 - Blue/Red

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The joint name of Li Ning and Fred VanVleet launched the Sonic 11 series of basketball shoes, which are covered in waterfall blue and embellished with red.
LIGHTFOAM PLUS technology in the front and rear palms, the rebound of the forefoot is increased by 6.1%, and the rebound of the rear palm is increased by 18.5%. The energy bursts instantly and the field responds quickly.

COOLSHELL high-strength breathable upper system, comfortable and light, free to release. Optimize the light and light foot feeling, breathable in season, free and light.

Lightweight shoe body, lightweight upgrade, low-top design with three-dimensional padding of the tongue, leading the audience with lightness and speed.

The stabilization device embedded in the arch of the midsole can effectively relieve the fatigue of the arch, support and protect the feet, and focus on the performance of the game.

The half-enclosed TPU extending from the side of the shoe to the heel is clear and flexible like water waves, firmly supported, and prevents rollover.

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