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Li Ning Way Of Wade 9 Infinity - Annoucement

Li Ning Way Of Wade 9 Infinity - Annoucement

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"Annoucement" is the first commercially available color scheme in the history of Wade's Way series. Dwyane Wade hopes to use this color scheme to announce the birth of Wade's Way series to the world. Today, 9 years later, the classic comes again.
Li-Ning “弜” technology + Li-Ning cloud technology, energy rebounds quickly, light and unburdened.

The midsole is equipped with Li-Ning cloud technology, integrated with nylon iron chips, and upgraded with the innovative structure of "弜 Jiang", which amplifies the cushioning and rebound effect of cloud materials, bringing a soft and lightweight foot feel.

Arch stability tray + TPU on the front palm side wall, strong anti-twist.
The side rubber top pack is combined with carbon fiber patches, and the heel is reinforced by Gangbao, which provides support, protection and stability for the feet, allowing them to leap swiftly and freely.

The upper MONO yarn + integrated sock fits comfortably on the foot, light and shiny, and the integrated sock is integrated with Velcro design. Easily adjust the wrapping, supplemented by the zipper closure, the pace is flexible and free, refreshing the comfortable experience of the game.

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