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Peak Andrew Wiggins AW1 Taichi - Sky Blue

Peak Andrew Wiggins AW1 Taichi - Sky Blue

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Want to be a winner on the field? Choose exclusive equipment to make yourself MAX, and play Peak AW1 with Wiggins to show your "winner" background and genes.

Anti-customer-based color scheme: Even in away games, you are still fearless, relying on your strength to counter-offensive! Conquer opponents with performance, booing is prohibited.

The light material is used as the outer frame to ensure the lightness of the overall sneakers. The back palm is injected with ultra-light Taichi technology, and the forefoot is injected with P-SOON Peak light speed technology to help players move quickly and feel full of explosiveness.

The innovative starting structure, which is both sticky and stable, boosts elite players and cuts in quickly.

Deconstructing and reshaping the traditional three-point design, the Peak AW1 brings a strong sense of sticking to the ground, and innovates the power transmission structure of the midfoot to help elite players quickly cut in.

The heel is filled with lightweight Taichi technology to stabilize the frame structure, increase the cushioning limit, and further expand the adaptation group.

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