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Peak Andrew Wiggins Mimicry Casual Cultural Shoes - Beige

Peak Andrew Wiggins Mimicry Casual Cultural Shoes - Beige

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We are constantly exploring the future, people are looking for comfort and freedom about the possibility of wearing casual shoes, and we pay special attention to redefining the experience of the moment. Go out of your own pace, this time, play something different.

We draw design inspiration from 3D printing products that "represent the future and comfort". Blur the lines between sport and life. Incorporating the "cosmic wormhole concept" to upgrade the wearing experience of shoes.

The large-area KPU is injected in one piece, which fits the foot surface, is soft and comfortable, and at the same time meets the strength needs of daily sports.

The design details of socks are added, which is convenient to put on and take off, and reduces friction and irritation.

Soft and comfortable, belly-filling full palm technology, comfortable foot feeling experience.

When you walk slowly: The molecules separate from each other like bare feet on a sponge.
When you're running fast: Molecules interlock and lock together to give you a springback feel.

NBA star Wiggins' personal logo is exclusive.

The arc-shaped midsole shape is like a space vehicle, like walking on clouds.

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