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Peak Taichi Flash 3 Elite High - Fluorescent Green

Peak Taichi Flash 3 Elite High - Fluorescent Green

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The design inspiration comes from the representative work of basketball shoes "Flash 3". The high-top shape and partly reinforced design deduce a more pure taste of actual basketball.

The whole pair of shoes has a luminous effect, turning into a night elf.

FLASH ELITE condenses the design language of the flash series family, and enhances functional performance through technological configuration and high-top settings. Suitable players: elite players, players with ankle injuries, damaged heel clefts, and players who focus on self-protection.

The full-length Peak P-Ultra Light technology midsole frame effectively reduces the overall weight and improves stability. Light speed + technology full palm filling, supercritical microcellular foamed TPU, high strength and high elasticity, excellent mechanical properties.

The high-top design and soft mesh material fit comfortably around the ankle while providing safety protection. The balance of protection and flexibility brings a super integrated feeling of shoes and feet.

The high-top design weighs only 383g in size 41. It provides strong support and comfortable fit. The key areas are heat-pressed and pasted with colorful PP film, which emits colorful effects under the light.

The Y-shaped carbon plate can effectively transfer the force of the front and rear palms and provide super torsion resistance.
Carbon fiber cloth lateral support, carbon fiber cloth reinforcement on the outside of the upper, stable lateral support.
The heel is surrounded by a large area of TPU, and the design language of the flash family provides heel stability.
The anti-skid tire chain-type outsole provides excellent anti-slip performance without fear of site changes.

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